[Congratulation for 7 Startups as Cohort for MRTJ Accel X Future City Accelerato…


[Congratulation for 7 Startups as Cohort for MRTJ Accel X Future City Accelerator!]

Big congratulation to Higo, @soulparking, @etabtech. IZY.Ai, Sealog, @tebengan_id, and @gajikuapp for being selected as the cohort for MRTJ Accel X Future City Accelerator by @mrtjakarta and @smartchangejakarta implemented by @enpactorg

The selected startups will collaborate with PT MRT Jakarta to develop new commercial and innovative products and services to be integrated offline and online in the MRT Jakarta ecosystem in order to transform Smart Mobility in Jakarta.

Thank you to all applicants of MRTJ Accel X Future City Accelerator! We have witnessed potential startups with great products or services to tranform Smart Mobility in Jakarta and very much encouraged of the opportunities in Indonesian startups!

Stay tune for more of our program updates at http://accel.jakartamrt.co.id/

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